Our private mobile classes held at your home or community pool are currently offered in a 30 minute twice-a-week format with classes taking place on various days and times.

Please visit our Tuition & Fees page for details on pricing and fees. See below for more information on individual classes and class levels.

*For students with previous swim experience: Our instructors use the first lesson to assess swim skills and water safety knowledge and will then place the student in an appropriate class level.*

Our intent at the Tadpole level is for children to experiment with the water and grow by doing what comes naturally. For the parent, you will be taught many ways to interact safely with your child in the water and help them build their aquatic skills. ALL Tadpole levels are taught as a parent-child course and requires a parent or guardian to be in the water with a child for the duration of the lesson!

The Baby Shark level is for children to enhance their aquatic abilities through repetition and to learn to enjoy the water. These levels will prepare your child for more advanced swimming in later levels. Children will also have a solid foundation of knowledge on water safety.

In the Dolphin level, children will enter as beginners (Dolphin 1) and leave as water proficient cetaceans (Dolphin 4). They will learn to become proficient swimmers in a pool environment. This stage will prepare them to move on to competitive strokes and learning to dive. Children will also have a solid understanding of water safety in multiple environments.

Teen or adult classes are to teach you to swim well and feel confident in open water, or simply improve strokes and aquatic skills. We ensure you have a solid understanding of water safety in multiple aquatic environments. We also offer skill clinic for advanced swimmers looking to strengthen specific skills!