Teens & Adults

Ages 13 and up


This class will be customized slightly for each individual. The goal is to have you feeling comfortable in a pool environment and confident in your ability to swim through deep water for at least 30 seconds. We will work on techniques for acclimating to the water calmly and feeling secure in your ability to swim. Among other things, we will also learn to float on our front and back, tread water, and practice our buoyancy skills. We will learn the basics to survival swimming and you will learn many American Red Cross water safety topics that will help you make smart water decisions.

Stroke Improvement

In this course, you will learn all 6 basic competitive strokes: breaststroke, butterfly, elementary back stroke, front crawl, back crawl, sidestroke. We will improve already known aquatic skills and treading water, floating and rotary breathing. We will learn safety skills that will help you keep yourself and others safe in an aquatic emergency.

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